What is front-end development?

Rajesh/ July 12, 2020

Front-end development typically involves three main languages: HTML, CSS and javascript.
Each of the languages performs a separate but essential function. They work together to determine how a webpage is structured(HTML), how it looks (CSS) and how it functions (javascript) in a web application.
And the browsers handle figuring out how to turn these files into a functioning web page.

CSS – An Introduction to Flexbox

Rajesh/ May 24, 2020

The Flexible Box Layout Module (Flexbox) is a useful and easy-to-use CSS module that helps us to make our content responsive. Flexbox takes care of any spacing calculations for us, and it provides a bunch of ready-to-use CSS properties for structuring content.You can play with some sample code here. Flexbox has two components, a parent container and child items. Flexbox

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Responsive Web Design – Media Queries

Rajesh/ May 19, 2020

Media queries help us determine the layout of our application based on various device types, specific characteristics and parameters such as screen resolution or device orientation. We can use media queries in CSS, HTML and javascript. CSS: We can use media queries in CSS with the @media at-rule. The @media rule allows us to conditionally apply parts of a style

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