How to make your website accessible for everyone

Rajesh/ September 10, 2020

People with vision impairments use screen readers to access computers, tablets and phones. Screen readers convert text on the screen to an understandable format for users to read. Users can also navigate and run commands by using some shortcut keys or touch gestures.
Here are a few things that we can do to make your website more accessible for blind people and people with vision impairments.

What is front-end development?

Rajesh/ July 12, 2020

Front-end development typically involves three main languages: HTML, CSS and javascript.
Each of the languages performs a separate but essential function. They work together to determine how a webpage is structured(HTML), how it looks (CSS) and how it functions (javascript) in a web application.
And the browsers handle figuring out how to turn these files into a functioning web page.