Hi I’m Rajesh Dhiman.

Hi, I am Rajesh Dhiman, a developer, creator, founder, and mentor.

I have over ten years of working experience as a software developer in leading organizations, i.e., Alloy Automation, Mediacorp, Srijan, Concinnity Media, Organizer: hillhacks, Mentor & Judge: hackOnHills hackathons.

I believe in quality learning from a practical source rather than wasting time at College. I am fascinated by knowledge, creating, and the working structure of things.

At present, mentoring the developers of the future with Code Camp: First Offline Cohort Based Full Stack Development Bootcamp, Available to all regardless of their educational qualifications. My role is to effectively enhance the coding abilities of total beginners and those who want to switch careers into tech by educating the students on the necessary skills to become full-stack developers, guiding them through recruitment procedures for software employment, and connecting them with the most fantastic prospects in the global software business. Students at the boot camp spend eight hours each day honing their talents and honing their knowledge.

I believe that young talent has the potential to do remarkable things with the correct direction, but what was lacking in the picture was access to instructors and mentors who could teach them new skills and guide them throughout their careers. That is where Code Camp comes in, with its industry-driven curriculum and skilled mentors who will assist you in building your dream career by bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and industry-specific skills.

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