What is front-end development?

Rajesh/ July 12, 2020

Front-end development typically involves three main languages: HTML, CSS and javascript.
Each of the languages performs a separate but essential function. They work together to determine how a webpage is structured(HTML), how it looks (CSS) and how it functions (javascript) in a web application.
And the browsers handle figuring out how to turn these files into a functioning web page.

javaScript – Replace all occurrences of a forward slash in a string

Rajesh/ June 26, 2020

Today I learned an easy solution to replace all occurrences of a forward slash in string in javascript. I had to convert an URL to a string in another format, so initially, I tried str.replace() method like But to my surprise, it only replaced the first occurrence in the string.Then I thought oh I might need to use a regular

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Introduction to the javascript fetch() Api

Rajesh/ June 10, 2020

The Fetch api is used to fetch data or resources from a server. It allows us to retrieve data from a URL without having to do a full page refresh. The Fetch api is an improvement over the XMLHttpRequest API (XHR). Here is a basic example of XMLHttpRequest. Example from MDN docs. And a simple fetch request looks like: fetch method accepts

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Responsive images – Using Srcset

Rajesh/ May 31, 2020

Srcset is a property that we can use with img tag. It lets us list a set of images which we want to load at different resolutions for an image. For example: The browser chooses one from the list and then fetches the image based upon the viewport dimensions, the image size relative to the viewport, the pixel density of

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