Responsive images – Using Srcset

Rajesh/ May 31, 2020

Srcset is a property that we can use with img tag. It lets us list a set of images which we want to load at different resolutions for an image. For example: The browser chooses one from the list and then fetches the image based upon the viewport dimensions, the image size relative to the viewport, the pixel density of

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Responsive Web Design – Media Queries

Rajesh/ May 19, 2020

Media queries help us determine the layout of our application based on various device types, specific characteristics and parameters such as screen resolution or device orientation. We can use media queries in CSS, HTML and javascript. CSS: We can use media queries in CSS with the @media at-rule. The @media rule allows us to conditionally apply parts of a style

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The Viewport & The Responsive web Design

Rajesh/ May 6, 2020

The viewport is the area of a browser which shows the content of your website. The viewport can be different for devices of various sizes. If the content of the website does not fit in your browser’s viewport, the browser adds scroll bar to make it accessible. A viewport is neither the size of the windows of your browser nor

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